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Bob Harris, Broker Associate

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 Why live on the beach?

   Why should your friends move to the beach?

   Here's why.

  • You always feel a little bit smug. After all, you get to live somewhere that people yearn to visit all year
  • You’ve discovered that solutions to most problems can be found by sitting on the beach and staring out over the water.

  • You need of some inspiration, you will find it by digging your toes in the sand.

  • There's always something to do, even if it’s just sitting on the beach which is a perfectly valid way to spend time.

  • You never get bored of the view, especially the sunsets,  the sunrises and during the midday sun.

  • You know there is no sound in the world better than the lapping of waves on the beach.

  • You know there is no smell better than the salty sea air.

  • Your wardrobe is 80% beach wear, In the summer you can easily forget that other types of clothes exist.

  • You can’t imagine living anywhere else. You may leave for a while, but you’ll be back. They always come back.

  • Romantic walks on the beach. Who said this can’t be a reality?

  • Studies have shown that people who live by the water are healthier and happier.